Boardroom Table

The Brief

The client, a new art gallery being established in a converted dockside warehouse, wanted a new boardroom table. It was to be modern, clean and functional.

How Nudi Helped

Nudi investigated the client’s story, their location and history, considered the wide range of artworks intended to go on display and presented a choice of concepts to the client.

Drawing on the derricks, the ships in port and the idea of the waves at sea, this table leaned heavily on the locale for its design language. The “hull” section neatly hides away the cables required for modern technology.

The room itself seemed to large for the table so partitions with lighting that continued the wave theme were added to break up the space.

An overhead luminaire provides quality task lighting down onto the conference table itself with a more gentle wash to the sides.

A sideboard continuing the theme of the table provides shelving, a drinks preparation surface and room for a bar fridge.