Huni Softlight

The Brief

Create a light which provides a sharp sculptural focus during the day contrasted by a soft glow through the room at night.

How Nudi Helped

We researched themes around the brief and the client’s desire to have some link to Australia. We performed some market research into current trends in the market segment at which the client was aiming. We built CAD models and then prototypes for structural integrity testing and to look at the dispersal of light based on mounting angles etc. We built a prototype which is still undergoing user testing before entering production.

Huni consists of multiple panels interconnected magnetically so that re-arrangement is easy and playful.

The use of large (450mm) panels made of natural materials like beech and unbleached linen evokes a much warmer, earth friendly response to customers than all-plastic high tech alternatives.

This light has been carefully designed to ensure robustness and a clean look to the end product whilst minimising wasted materials and keeping manufacturability.

Nudi is proud to have received a commendation from the Design Institute of Australia for this design.