How it works

Let’s talk about your idea and see what it sparks. If we feel like we can work together, then we go into our usual design process.

What does that look like? What’s ahead of you?

Engagement of Services: Simply put, we agree to get going and how we are going to deal with the administrative side of things.

Project Brief: Here we learn about your idea, who the product might appeal to, what constraints we’re working under and a discussion about product direction and viability.

Concepts: We’ll develop a vision of what the product might look like. Often we’ll do a few, and let you choose which one to follow.

Refinement: Here we look at finer details and manufacturing considerations for the concept. We may test critical parts or concepts for viability, test the appeal of variations and generally eliminate as many risks as possible before moving to the more resource hungry prototyping stage.

Prototyping: As we evolve the design through refinement, at some point it leaves the world of drawing and moves into CAD and physical models. We find risky aspects of the design, build and execute tests for them, analyse the result and feed the knowledge gained into further refining your product.

Manufacture: Here we work with the manufacturers involved in your supply chain to optimise the design to keep the costs down and logistics manageable.

Support: When your product is ready for the shelves, it doesn’t have to be the end. Markets change, manufacturers change, you need to change to stay on top of it. We’re there to help throughout the life cycle of the product.