Nudi has a lot to offer. By bringing many of these services in-house we can reduce overheads, minimise turnaround time and avoid re-work.

Market Research
You have a glimpse on a web page or a retail shelf to get a customer’s attention and emotionally connect to entice them to look closer. Telling the right story requires understanding. We can help identify your potential markets and create the connections that sell.

Engineering Know-How
Your product has to solve a problem effectively and painlessly. Decades of multidisciplinary engineering background sit behind every one of our design projects.

Experiential Design
Just doing its job isn’t enough. Our designs consider the entire multi-sensory experience: first impressions, unboxing, use, storage, maintenance and disposal.

Our CAD services can help create & test virtual versions of your product that lead to a faster development and better refined products.

A high quality 3D rendered image can tell a thousand words well before the prototypes are ready. We can develop compelling visualisations for you to help with marketing, fundraising and understanding of the product.

With CNC and manual machining, SLA and FDM 3D printing, casting, painting, sandblasting, wood and composite tools and more, we can make accurate prototypes with short turnaround times in house. Where a requirement exceeds our capabilities we can then outsource work via our own extensive network of industry partners.

In addition to prototyping and manufacturing suppliers, we can also engage or introduce you to high quality providers in a range of fields including:
• Market Development
• Online Marketing
• Business Strategy Development
• Patents & IP
• Contract Management
• Funding & Finance

behind every one of our design projects.