Cling Torch Holder

The Brief

Create a simple, low cost product to securely hold a variety of underwater torches to crayfishing loop poles.

How Nudi Helped

We studied the current state of industry for this function and found the lack of a universal product to solve the problem. We looked at the variety of torches commonly used on divers’ cray loops and, through several iterations and plenty of testing, arrived at a design that was simple and cheap enough to manufacture that it was an easy impulse buy.

We designed the packaging for the product suitable for retail hangers, incorporating the product in a manner that was secure and which also provided a built in instruction guide because it is mounted in the card exactly the same way it goes on the loop.

We tested the packaging and product placement in a retail outlet to tune the colour and tone of the package, making sure it was seen by passing shoppers (and with an overwhelmingly positive response from our test audience!)

Finally, we organised the manufacturing of the pilot run and printing/die cutting of the hang cards. And are looking forward to continuing our relationship with the client as they move into full manufacture and distribution.