Shard Ice Machine

The Brief

Design a premium gift item suitable for small batch production and limited release via a local retailer.

How Nudi Helped

Small batch production for retail restricts the choice of outlets available – larger chains need to keep shelves stocked at many venues requiring a larger investment in manufacturing, stock and logistics. So we started by identifying the kind of outlet we might design for, settling on a local distillery’s “cellar door” shop.

From here we extensively researched the type of visitors to these shops and what made them tick, looking for stories and scenarios with which they could quickly associate.

Settling on the concept of pure ice we designed an initial prototype that worked inside the owner’s freezer. The lack of control, the need for freezer real estate and the fact it was hidden away most of the time prompted a second round of development which led to this standalone unit.

We chased the science of freezing, prototyping different techniques and technologies before we found the right combination of size, simplicity and price point.

We worked through several iterations of design for the sculptural form of the item to sit on its proud owner’s bar, sparking conversation as it created the perfect sphere of ice for the next drink.

We are now finalising the product and packaging, coordinating manufacturing partners and preparing for consumer testing before release.