Wave Sink

The Brief

Develop a contemporary bathroom furniture piece driven by choice of material, namely, glass fibre reinforced concrete.

How Nudi Helped

Nudi studied the history and current state of the art in the application of GFRC. Noting the near infinite flexibility of form offered by the medium, we explored the relationship of the sink and water and ended up at a representation of a breaking wave.

A market survey revealed that the traditional bowl form (used to hold a jug of hot water brought up from a boiler) was no longer really necessary in the majority of homes and that a flat surface with suitable drainage was acceptable.

The world does not need another sink that looks exciting but sprays water over your lap when you open the tap. So we engaged in extensive computer modelling to look at the effect of bowl and faucet shapes and their impact on splashing. A waterfall faucet and good drainage at a controlled distance achieve a very polite flow of water whilst allowing the sleek, low visual impact of a design which works well in small and large rooms. The integrated flat surfaces provide plenty of space to give the wave some visual sense of flow – or somewhere to leave the old mug with the toothbrushes.

From there, we designed and built the multi-part mould, sourced the concrete and special additives required to make the GFRC work properly, and used the mould to create this prototype.