Diver’s Welding Mask

The Brief

The client was selling a welding mask designed to be attached to Kirby Morgan commercial dive helmets. It suffered from several issues including high manufacturing costs, lack of robustness, light leaking around the mask and others.

The client asked us to come up with a new design which fit the Kirby Morgan look and feel, was easy to manufacture and ship, cost less to make and was as close to bullet-proof as possible.

How Nudi Helped

We took the faceplate of one of their training helmets and used that to make a CAD model. From this we created a design which matched the helmet’s profile as closely as possible. This was not just for aesthetics but also to minimise light bleed and catch points for any cables or line suspended near the diver.

316 Stainless Steel, neoprene and POM were used throughout to maximise toughness, minimise corrosion and keep manufacturing as simple as possible.

After the CAD modelling was complete we created some prototypes and, after a little more refinement we had a design ready to go. In this case we also connected the client with a local manufacturer for the stainless cutting.