Pluck Pendant

The Brief

In this product, the brief was to investigate social change through the use of products.

How Nudi Helped

Taking the original brief and the client’s existing product range, we looked at the promotion of natural resources and of power consumption in devices which can be decoupled from the supply – be it the grid or a home’s solar array.

We researched usage patterns, materials, light angles and shadow casting of several designs, the efficiency of wireless charging and storage and used these to inform a menu of concepts from which the client chose one. This final design was developed through to a refined concept ready for prototyping and market testing.

This light may be suspended as a pendant or “plucked” from the magnetically linked cord and placed on the table for a more intimate quality of light.

It contains approximately 6h of batteries, charging from the ceiling cable via Qi wireless charging. A specialised ceiling power supply allows the normal wall switch to control the light.