Some of our work

Nudi engages in projects in a wide range of industries and client sizes. Here are some of the products we've enjoyed working on.


Laser and Line Blast Hole Depthfinder

Flipp Welding Mask

A hard wearing welding visor for commercial divers

S24 Gun Chronograph

High speed gun chronograph

Rebreather HUD

Heads up display for oxygen monitoring on SCUBA rebreathers

Diver Messaging Terminal

Diver messaging & recall terminal

Huni Softlight

A wall light with sharp sculptural focus during the day contrasted by a soft glow through the room at night

Slit Lamp Camera Attachment

Allowing use of a mobile camera on optometrists' slit lamps

Cling Torch Holder

Torch holder for crayfishing loop poles

Hitch Hermit

Key safe for standard tow hitch receivers

Light Pipes

LED Light Pipes


Boardroom for Shipping Company

Gift pen

Inspired by local timber and organic themes

Chilli Packaging

Retail packaging with a potion theme

Wave Handbasin

Splash free floating waterfall handbasin

Bringing ideas to life with considered product design

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