Some of our work

Nudi engages in projects in a wide range of industries and client sizes. Here are some of the products we've enjoyed working on.


Laser and Line Blast Hole Depthfinder

Flipp Welding Mask

A hard wearing welding visor for commercial divers

S24 Gun Chronograph

High speed gun chronograph

Form Factor Frames Branding

Branding for a custom glasses frames manufacturer

Rebreather HUD

Heads up display for oxygen monitoring on SCUBA rebreathers

Diver Messaging Terminal

Diver messaging & recall terminal

Barretek Branding

Branding for an automotive accessories manufacturer

Huni Softlight

A wall light with sharp sculptural focus during the day contrasted by a soft glow through the room at night

Slit Lamp Camera Attachment

Allowing use of a mobile camera on optometrists' slit lamps

Clever Tool Company Branding

Branding for a pro-sumer gadget manufacturer

Cling Torch Holder

Torch holder for crayfishing loop poles

Hitch Hermit

Key safe for standard tow hitch receivers

FMXT Branding

Branding for a mining equipment manufacturer

Light Pipes

LED Light Pipes


Boardroom for Shipping Company

Gift pen

Inspired by local timber and organic themes

Chilli Packaging

Retail packaging with a potion theme

Wave Handbasin

Splash free floating waterfall handbasin

Bringing ideas to life with considered product design

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