Our Services

Nudi has a lot to offer. By bringing many of these services in-house we can reduce overheads, minimise turnaround time, and avoid re-work.

Market Research

Providing critical information about your market and your business landscape

Product Design

Bridging the gap between an idea and a product on the shelf


Who makes this product? Do they care about the things I value as a customer? A strong & unique brand identity is essential.


Create virtual versions of your product that lead to more efficient development and better refined products

Reverse Engineering

Replicating hard to replace parts or ensuring new products will fit first time


Physical models to show, demonstrate, test and refine


Visualisation brings products to life before the prototypes are ready through the rendering of a high quality 3D image.


Your logo is the face of your brand - the first thing customers see and the symbol they associate with your business.

Instructions and Documentation

For more complicated products, clear and concise guidance is essential for ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Pitch Presentation Support

A well crafted pitch deck is more than just a presentation - it's your opportunity to shine.

Packaging Design

First impressions matter. Make your product packaging your silent salesperson.

Software & Electronics

From the firmware and electronics in a consumer product and web pages, through to advanced control systems

IP Protection

Making sure your products and profits stay yours


At Nudi, we believe in the importance that networking has on the success of your business

Bringing ideas to life with considered product design

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